Organic Dried Goji Berry 300g

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Goji berries are the dried fruits of a species of nightshade plant and are found primarily in Tibet and Mongolia. They are supplied dry but are often mixed in a little water to ‘plump’ them up before consuming.

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The RAWGANIQ™ Difference

Our goji berries are grown in the remote high plateaus of Inner Mongolia, and once harvested, are naturally sun dried to maintain their connection to nature.

  • Certified organic to EU and NOP standards (view certificates)
  • Directly imported from the processing plants of our growers, thus reducing handling and minimizing nutrient loss
  • Packed and processed in GMP/HACCP certified and FDA-approved facility  (view certificate)
  • Lab analysis to ensure your safety (Click “lab analysis” tab to learn more)


Goji berries are most often consumed as a dried berry, however they can also be found juiced or powdered form. Goji berries are associated with ancient Chinese Medicine for longevity and energy creation.

Goji berries are low in calories, are fat-free and a good source of fiber. They contain naturally occurring antioxidants and wide range of phytonutrients, vitamins and trace minerals. Goji berries look similar in texture to raisins when dried, and they have chewy texture with a flavour somewhere between cranberries and cherries.

Goji berries are remarkably high in protein for a fruit. They contain all eight essential amino acids. They also have a high fibre content and as they are a complex carbohydrate they will not spike blood sugar levels.

Health Benefits:

  • The high Vitamin C content may help absorb more iron
  • Powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
  • May support eye health through its composition of zeaxanthin
  • Supports liver health and detoxing ability
  • Supports the body’s immunity through its high composition of vitamins A and C
  • May promote healthier looking skin through the presence of beta carotene

How to Use:

As a dried ingredient, you can include them into your breakfast cereal or yogurt, add them to your trail mix, or steep the in hot water as a tea. You can also use them as ingredients in cooking certain meats or add to vegetable stews.


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