Organic Sunflower Kernels 300g (Pack of 2)

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Sunflower kernels are a precious food source, rich in several essential nutrients – copper, B Vitamins (thiamine), phosphorus, selenium, and more. Like many other kernels and nuts, they also provide a healthy source of essential fatty acids. The most abundant fatty acid is in the form of polyunsaturated Omega 6 (linoleic acid). Additionally, sunflower kernels are also an excellent source of fiber; amino acids (especially tryptophan); B Vitamins and phytosterols.

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The RAWGANIQ™ Difference
Grown for decades by our own contracted farmers who farm under certified Organic methods free of pesticides and herbicides, our Sunflowers thrive in the ideal climatic region of the Chifeng basin.

  • Certified organic to both USDA/NOP and EU standards (view certificate)
  • We directly import through our own cleaning facility, from contract farmers, hence we can guarantee best quality and best price
  • Packed and processed in FDA-approved, GMP and HACCP-certified facility (view certificate)
  • Vacuum packed for freshness
  • Lab analysis to ensure your safety (Click “lab analysis” tab to learn more)

Sunflower kernels are an excellent source of many vital nutrients including Vitamin E, known for its powerful antioxidant properties that support the body to counter free radical damage.
Sunflower kernels are most highly correlated with boosting cardiovascular health thanks to their ability to reduce LDL cholesterol and to prevent hypertension, in addition to many other positive effects like cancer prevention, reduce headache severity and relieve muscle cramps, support natural detoxification and restore healthy skin.

Health Benefits:

  • May reduce risk of heart disease
  • Helps to prevent cancer due to high antioxidant levels
  • Supports thyroid function due to selenium content
  • Helps prevent osteoporosis and muscle cramps, thanks to magnesium content
  • Helps to balance blood sugar levels
  • Improves skin health

How to Use:

Sunflower kernels are a great way to get those extra nutrients through simply adding them to your favorite meals, smoothies and snacks. Some ideas are to:

  • Incorporate them into homemade veggie burgers, meatballs or fishcakes
  • Include in vegetable or fish salad to give crunch and extra texture
  • Add directly into your granola or yoghurt
  • Build the kernels into any baked goods you make, including grain-free muffins, breads, and scones
  • Use ground sunflower kernels in place of flax or chia seeds in any recipe


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Batch No.: SFK-Z-A-S

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