Organic Chlorella Powder (Broken Cell) 300g (Pack of 2)

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Chlorella is a single cell green algae that flourishes in freshwater environments. The algae multiplies aggressively in correct growing conditions which requires water, carbon dioxide, sunlight and certain minerals. In order to access the impressvie nutrients within the cell, it is important for the cell wall to have been broken during processing, otherwise known as Broken Cell Chlorella

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The RAWGANIQ™ Difference

Our broken cell chlorella is cultivated under strict environmental controls, ensuring the right amounts of alkalinity, sunlight and nutrients are present to form strong and nutrient dense cells. Our water, sourced from the natural soda lakes of Inner Mongolia, combined with constant monitoring of nutrient levels, produces a highly nutritious chlorella paste which is then rinsed, spray dried and formed into an homogenous particle powder. The powder is then packed into dry foil bags, sealed and placed into airtight round cardboard drums to lock out heat, moisture or light.

  • Certified organic to EU and NOP standards (view certificates)
  • Directly imported from the processing plants of our growers, thus reducing handling and minimizing nutrient loss
  • Packed and processed in GMP/HACCP certified and FDA-approved facility  (view certificate)
  • Lab analysis to ensure your safety (Click “lab analysis” tab to learn more)


Broken cell chlorella is cultivated as a food source due to its high levels of protein other essential nutrients. As a powder, it constitutes about 45% protein, 20% carbohydrate, 20% fat, 10% vitamins and minerals and 5% fibre.

Chlorella is a good source of Iron and Vitamin C which together work synergistically in helping the body absorb iron. It has also been shown to support the removal of heavy metals from the system as it has an ability to bind to these metals and transport them through the body’s detox process.

Health Benefits:

  • Powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties due to the presence of the chlorhyll
  • Supports the body’s detoxification process
  • May promote natural immune system health and support the production of natural killer cells
  • May aid in weight loss through regulating hormone production and thus increased energy availability
  • May help lower cholesterol levels
  • May support the lowering of blood glucose levels, by improving insulin sensitivity

How to Use:

As a pre formed powder, it is best used an ingredient in a beverage or food.

Place a 3g-5g teaspoon in your favourite juice, or smoothie or apply it over wet desserts like ice cream or jelly. The taste is a little fishy, so add to your personal liking, but it can be offset if necessary by a range of fruits.


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